What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
October 19, 2015 Hosting
What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?:-A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine offered by web hosting companies. A dedicated server is divided into VPS. Unlike shared hosting, with VPS al Read More
What Is Shared Hosting?
October 15, 2015 Hosting
Share Hosting:-In shared hosting, Server & its resources are used by multiple users. Shared web hosting service is generally called as web hosting service. So we can say that many websites are h Read More
What is Reseller Hosting?
July 1, 2015 Hosting
What is Reseller Hosting?:-Reseller Hosting is a type of hosting in which, you can resell your allotted resources to your clients at your own rates. With Reseller hosting, you can sell hosting to you Read More

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